Three ways you can be a Noble:

  • Follow me online.  I stream or perform live, make demos, make albums.


  • Be a Patron.  I find myself spending quite a bit of time making demos, song mixes, and other content. 

With you, I will share it weekly, as it happens.  You share I share story arc.  

  • Donate to The Band Fund for #PCMF211.  


We would Love to have a Pac City Music Fest this year.  The 11th.  "Pac City Music Fest Turn It Up To 11", #PCMF211.  On the bold optimistic hope that it will go through, you can make your voice heard by donating to The Fund.  The Fund would/will pay the performers a stipend, provides food and lodging and sound and an 'emergency issues cache' just in case...and in turn, they confidently give YOU the best performances of their adult lives, in sheer exuberant relief that live music is BACK, BABY. Given the situation, if the fest does not end up happening, you will be FULLY REFUNDED. Please imagine a future with a PCMF211, please include a comment of why this is important to you, and thank You.  

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one day this won't be scary

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