This band is rhythmically very interesting, but needs a name, and a photo. 


Leoshki Aguirre (also known as Midnight Leo) met Chris Baron through cover band Disorderly Conduct in 2005.  They eventually formed The Tummybuckles with Megan Cronin, over 2011-2014.  There was a five-year hiatus during which Leo bought a house and Chris toured solo/Crabbed.  In 2018 Paul Prato and his upright bass were poached for position from platitudic Portland project Tin Silver.  Leo and Paul were introduced for the first time via The Marx House Sessions in November 2019 and the whole afternoon was recorded live. 

These songs will be Chris Baron originals, arranged by Chris and Leoshki, then en-bassed by Mr Prato.        

First Showcase ever...White Eagle McMenamins, Portland Oregon, February 2020.  Honorary guests Glyndon, Dors Ward (of The Baron Ward), and Megan (The Tummybuckles). 

Live outdoor Trio show, May 2020.