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2023, You were spectacular.  Thank you to everyone who supported the band all year long.   


DOWNLOAD the studio music HERE:


Two Secrets and Maryspeak are ramping up for 2024 in their own ways.

Glyndon and I have also realigned with A Crab's Life and

a new studio project has begun...   


Interested in behind-the-scenes personal commentary and

private videos and personal words?  Help keep me going. 

You can be a Patron. PATREON. The button is at the top. You will learn 

alot about the real me, and I can keep doing what I'm doing. 

Tucson Folk Festival 2023

Tucson Folk Festival 2022

(Solo cold pro)

(extended Solo main stage)

So long, 2023 

Here's lookin at you lookin at me  

Telling secrets again, Maryspeak round the bend

Understanding what's freedom, and free 

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