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Chris Baron and Two Secrets

Midnight Leo - Drums, singing/yelling when the song is going well

Westbound Paulie - Upright bass, singing/yelling

Lindsay Rose - cello, whistling, snapping, yelling

Chris Baron and Midnight Leo have been a live tight duality

for it feels like forever.   

For artifactual evidence look up The Tummybuckles.   

Two Secrets is a new beast.

We have released our first EP (March 2023), enjoy on Spotify.

We also released our first music video, for the song "Mary Sheriff"

We investigated the secret of Westbound Paulie (Paul Prato)

in 2018, when he and his upright bass were poached

for position from platitudic Portland project Tin Silver

Drums and Bass were introduced for the first time

via The Marx House Sessions in November 2019

and the trio recorded the whole afternoon live mics. 

In December 2021 Lindsay Rose met Chris in Vancouver WA. 

After a few rehearsals they did some duo shows,

and toured a little bit across 2022.

She earned full band membership in Fall 2022,

and joined Chris on the main stage at the

Tucson Folk Festival in April 2023. 

Going forward, you can anticixpect new original music by

the secretive Baron, subtly re-arranged and en-textured

within this very funky band.        

Historical VIDEOS:

First Two Secrets live event ever...White Eagle McMenamins, Portland Oregon, February 2020. 

- Honorary guests Glyndon, Dors Ward (The AO),

and Megan (The Tummybuckles).  

Live outdoor Quarantine Trio show, May 2020.

Chris & Lindsay do a cover song, first duo show ever, March 2022

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