Chris Baron and Two Secrets

Midnight Leo - Drums, singing when the song is going well

Westbound Paulie - Upright bass, electric Bass

Dale - electric Guitar, banjo, voice, sometimes bass

Chris Baron and Midnight Leo are a live tight duality,

dating back to 2005.   For visceral information look up

The Tummybuckles.   

But Two Secrets is a new beast.

In 2018 Westbound Paulie (Paul Prato) and his upright bass

were poached for position from platitudic Portland project Tin Silver

Mr. Midnight and WbP were introduced for the first time

via The Marx House Sessions in November 2019

and the trio recorded the whole afternoon live mics. 

Going forward, you can anticixpect new original music by

Chris Baron, subtly re-arranged with Midnight,

then en-bassed by WbP and en-textured by special guests, like maybe Dale Jones of The AO.        


Live outdoor Quarantine Trio show, May 2020.

First Showcase ever...White Eagle McMenamins, Portland Oregon, February 2020. 

- Honorary guests Glyndon, Dors Ward (of The Baron Ward),

and Megan (The Tummybuckles).