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A Crab's Life released our debut album in 2013.  It is a masterpiece of basement engineering, including overenthusiastic investment in preamps, mics, Protools 8, and time.  Changed all of our lives.  Jesse Tomaino was the producer of those recordings.  Joe Tomaino went on to become Glyndon, and I went on to become a greater Chris Baron than I ever thought crabossible.  

Glyndon picked up where his brother left off, knocking out solo albums of his own, and producing The Glyndon Sessions with me across 2020-2021.  Chris Baron And Two Secrets recorded our 2023 EP in Glyndon's studio.  

As of late 2023, A Crab's Life is in the studio

working on a sophomore album...


Glyndon and I finalized The Glyndon Sessions for

a 2024 full album release.  

Early videos here:

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This guitar pick says A Crab's Life on it
Chris Baron and Glyndon meet under a Crab
Chris Baron and A Crab's Life play Corvallis Oregon in 2015
2015 debut album A Crab's Life
This is the disc image for the album A Crab's Life (2015)
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