The music Chris Baron creates is freefall americana folk.  He travels solo with a kick drum and guitar, or with an accompanist if the timing is right...

As of January 2019, a new music video is out. 


The songs are lively and raw, from wineries to brewpubs to singer-songwriter showcases.  The studio sessions are layered, creative, and self-produced.  


In addition to past collaborations with cool bands over the years, there are 

four solo albums:

Searchlights In Mexico (2008) ; 

Light Up The Sky (2014) ;

Relics '16-17 ;

Habits (2019)


Chris has been touring behind the Habits and Relics albums since mid-2019, with multi-instrumentalist songmaster Megan Cronin.  He also plays with The AO; Paul Prato (borrowed from iconic Portland band Tin Silver); Leo Aguirre (from

The Tummybuckles); and of course as always, with The Baron Ward. 

Chris, what are your favorite bands at the moment?

Punch Brothers. Avett Brothers. Tk & the Holy Know-Nothings. Floater.  


Portland songwriter Dan Weber says "...Chris' live show exudes the
wonderment and enthusiasm of an artist drawing an authentic
connection with his audience...feeding off that raw live energy...he
rocks out and storytells the way Wilco and The Avett Brothers have so
successfully done..."

Austin songwriter and family man Jake Riggs declares "...It's not hard
to tell that Baron was born to perform. From the solemn to the goofy,
sentimental to grateful, his mannerisms and charisma effortlessly
transition between the songs and the mood of the room. 'How can
Chris be in all moods at all times?' you have asked many times. It took
thousands of hours of stage time, thousands of gallons of beer and
more heartbreak than the average human can endure. So go see Chris
Baron live. He'll be the long-haired, tall approachable guy holding the
guitar...and chances are he'll be smiling..."

The soundman at Tumbleweed Music Festival in 2019 clearly said "...I've been doing this for 17 years, and that was the best live set I've seen." 

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