Chris Baron makes music, solo or with a band.  He travels with a kick drum and guitar and some pedals.  He likes you, even if he pretends not to.  


The songs have rock & roll roots, with folky senses and alternative methods.  Great nights have been reported.  


In addition to past collaborations with pacific northwest bands, there are 

five solo albums to date:

Searchlights In Mexico (2008)

Light Up The Sky (2014) ;

Relics '16-17  (2018) ;

Habits (2019) ; 

The Glyndon Sessions (2021)


@ChrisBaronAndTwoSecrets is being organized for 2023. 

In May 2022, he was interviewed by James Walsh for the podcast CelebEfex for the third time. Find that interview, it's about an hour, and informative.  

Here are some general questions and answers, exclusive just to this website.


Favorite bands to listen to across 2022 so far

Punch Brothers. Shane Brown. Tk & the Holy Know-Nothings. Avett Brothers. John Craigie.  


Songwriter Dan Weber was plied with whiskey to write "...Chris' live show exudes the
wonderment and enthusiasm of an artist drawing an authentic
connection with his audience...feeding off that raw live energy...he
rocks out and storytells the way Wilco and The Avett Brothers have so
successfully done..."

His friend Jake Riggs once yelled "...It's not hard
to tell that Baron was born to perform. From the solemn to the goofy,
sentimental to grateful, his mannerisms and charisma effortlessly
transition between the songs and the mood of the room. 'How can
Chris be in all moods at all times?' you have asked many times. It took
thousands of hours of stage time, thousands of gallons of beer and
more heartbreak than the average human can endure. So go see Chris
Baron live. He'll be the long-haired, tall approachable guy holding the
guitar...and chances are he'll be smiling..."

The soundman at Tumbleweed Music Festival in 2019 was clearly overheard saying "...I've been doing this for 17 years, and that was the best live set I've seen." 

Hans Vollman, via George Saunders in 2017:

"...His mind was freshly inclined toward sorrow; toward the fact that the world was full of sorrow; that everyone labored under some burden of sorrow; that all were suffering; that whatever way one took in this world, one must try to remember that all were suffering (none content; all wronged, neglected, overlooked, misunderstood), and therefore one must do what one could to lighten the load of those with whom one came into contact; that his current state of sorrow was not uniquely his, not at all, but, rather, its like had been felt, would yet be felt, by scores of others, in all times, in every time, and must not be prolonged or exaggerated, because, in this state, he could be of no help to anyone and, given that his position in the world situated him to be either of great help or great harm, it would not do to stay low, if he could help it..."