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Searchlights, Evelate

With Dusty Beats and Joe Bass let it come to be.  We were a band called Searchlights until 2012, when Dusty moved to Ohio to pursue steel

and Joe and I decided not to replace him, but to hiatus him.  

In the summer of 2022, we did a short reunion tour from

Pac City to Maupin to The Dalles.  

Now Dusty's back living in Oregon.  What's next? 

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Breaking News

last update: 3/3/23

If you want to see the original footage of us playing around town over 2009-2012, check out @mrJoeslapBass on YouTube.  

If you want to see the recent footage, check @Searchlights.pdx on FB or our new YouTube channel.

For a copy of the *Evelating* album...We have plans to remaster it and get it on Spotify and Pandora.  For now, customized CD copies are available at shows while enthusiasm lasts.

  So Bring.On.The.Enthusiasm.  


Hello.  Chris here, to tell my side of the backstory

as 2023 begins.  

I was playing around Portland with several bands in 2009.  Joe Bass and I were in Idiot SCIENCE, and Dusty Beats and I were in locally-legendary cover band Disorderly Conduct.  I really wanted to follow up on the Evelate music, and had written songs towards a sequel album.  I introduced the two of them...

and the bus was hopped-on.

We came out in Dusty and Elizabeth's Hillsdale basement, where Russ recorded the entire set live.  My favorite memory of the music that night was teaching everyone to

sing the callback on "I'm On The HaZe".  

We recorded mixed and mastered an 11-song studio album with the great Ryan Ferris over 2010-2011...but never released it.  If you have a handmade copy of *Evelating*,

it's an authorized bootleg. 

I remember we went on a mini-tour to eastern Oregon, out the Gorge for one weekend, and Joe Bass simply came ALIVE on the road, embracing the physicality and pressurized social demands with spirited poise.  Dusty and I had already been heading out there regularly with DisCon, and had established a path for an original band.  We rocked, and got asked to return to open for Floater a short while later.  Russ rode out with us

and recorded that entire set. 

"We Are Not Divided" from the album was that night.  

Our last live show before Dusty decided to pursue steel and move to Michigan was March 2012 in Hood River.  Joe and I decided not to replace him, but to hiatus him,

so we all went our separate ways.  

By 2014, Ryan and I had been continuing to work on recordings, and apart from the eleven songs selected for the *Evelating* album, there were about ten other fantastic-sounding pop-rock tracks.  I included eight on my

second solo album *Light Up The Sky* .

In the summer of 2016, Elizabeth put together a beach house trip in Pacific City Oregon, Dusty flew out, and we set up in the garage and played for friends and neighbors.  It was wildly...wild.  Just ask K8!

Dusty flew out for Thanksgiving 2021, after months (years?) of 2-4 hour phone conversations with him as he drove between midwest job sites, and we set up a Reunion Show at Dublin Pub in SW Portland.  The videos are on Facebook @ChrisBaronMusic as the full livestream (that means you get all the jokes in between) and a select few are on the @ChrisBaronMusic YouTube channel. 

As 2023 begins we are prepping to record new material.  And play a few shows around the Portland metro area. 

-Cb, 12/19/22

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