Feb 2021

Hello.  I produce original music, and its different from the norm, somehow.  Almost certain but not quite. 

The Glyndon Sessions (recorded remotely over 2019-2020) will indeed be released on ChrisBaronMusicOregon.Bandcamp​.com at
quite an opportune moment.

From the past October to this recent January, Farm Records chose four of my songs to co-produce for 2021. 

As I come closer to releasing my first online single of 2021, I am quarantined in the Pacific NW with Megan Cronin.

Hope to see you all soon, stay up to date on the news and help your friends and family that are up next get that vaccine! 

Oh, the picture above?  It was taken by Joy Reyneke, who

shoots all over central Oregon, based in The Dalles.  Spell her name right and look her up.

The finale LIVESTREAM CONCERT was Episode 25...they are all archived here:



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