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Helloo June. Its 2021.

Live shows launch, check the calendar.

NEW STUDIO RELEASE:the Glyndon Sessions are on ChrisBaronMusicOregon.Bandcamp​.com

  Learn about the future by streaming them (support the Band by downloading)...  

I am full-vax now, minimal side effects.  

An invite-only outdoor festival in North Plains is being planned for late summer,

get ahold of me for details if interested in something like that... 

In March, I was interviewed by James Walsh for his podcast Celebefex ... and again interviewed in May for a future release.  It's out there.  

I have a Patreon page, follow link at the top.  Behind-the-quarantscenes there, for the Patrons...

Still using one of my fav promo photos up was taken by Joy Reyneke, who

shoots all over central Oregon, based in The Dalles.  Spell her name right and look her up.

The full band may return for a gig or two this summer...but until then, our best and most basic LIVESTREAM CONCERT was Episode 15: