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It's May, 2022.  

There is a songwriting/performance contest at the Tucson Folk Festival every year, with 55 applicants and 10 finalist competitors. 

In 2022, I won first place, my first time in Tucson and my first formal winning-award since Huge Sally 2009. 

Here is my Friday night (3-song) set at the Hotel Congress Stage:

And here is my Saturday evening (8-song) prize set on the main stage, with a

kind introduction by local radio DJ Greg Rogan + festival coordinator Syndenn Sweet:   

My studio music is still here: ChrisBaronMusicOregon.Bandcamp​.com

Two Secrets is hot, and getting hotter.  Shows listed on the Calendar.   

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Find the Searchlights reunion show clips on my YouTube channel...and the raw broadcast feed

might yet still be available on facebook.  Nothing is hiding unless it is.  

The edited clips just take out all the dead space.  You still get the jokes in between songs.  We will reunite for a short Pacific NW tour in August 2022.  

Later this month I'm going to be interviewed by noted radio personality James Walsh, based out of Nashville.

He will publish the interview at his leisure. 

Check out his radio show Celebefex !

Hello 2022  

Here's lookin' at me, lookin at you  

Tell you secrets again, like it was way back when we when we

all knew the best words were true