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Top O The Day, August 2021!

Glad to be hot.  

To get one of my albums in CD form you must come to a show,

and there are now many to choose from (whew!). Check the Calendar.  


DOWNLOAD The Musics here: ChrisBaronMusicOregon.Bandcamp​.com ...

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If you haven't yet, find my two interviews with James Walsh and his podcast Celebefex

Joy Reyneke took the above photo, she does super framing.  And she's nice.  

The power trio is going by "Chris Baron and Pleoshki" until the rhythm section stops procrastinating (or saying silly things like " about The Slinky Weasels, man??" and picks a sweet Name. 

If you have an opinion, vote by window lantern

on N Cleveland Avenue on August 12th (see calendar for outdoor gig details)

Watch Pleoshki's inaugural video from May 2020: